Below are recent lectures, presentations, and workshops given across the US, the UK, and Europe. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for future presentations or engagements.

Unilever Tea

Talk: The Future of Tea

Skype - 2016

Festival of Curiousity 2016

Talk: Machines, Humans, & The Future of Communication

Dublin, Ireland - 2016

PLUNC Festival 2016

Talk: Emotional Technologies

Lisbon, Portugal - 2016

PLUNC Festival 2016

Workshop: Humans, Objects, and the Future of Touch

Lisbon, Portugal - 2016

Festival of Curiousity 2015

Talk: What is emotional expression in the age of computers?

Dublin, Ireland - 2015

CBC Radio

Talk: Teens could create a soundtrack for their grief with an app.


Dublin Design Week


Dublin, Ireland - 2015


Talk: Past & Future 

Villorba, Italy - 2015

Disney Research Labs

Talk: Research Haptic Technologies

Pittsburgh, PA